We have a universal four part program focused on uplifting men and women of all ages. We try to reach children early on and tutor them so that they can operate within the confines of the inner city without being easily persuaded by negative influences.

If we don’t reach them as children, the teens will most likely be with us during our second and/or third stage of the program. When teens work with us, we target with Youth for Hope Skills, Mentoring, and/or Gang Intervention. We want to ensure that they change their lives and develop into sustained adults that are active civic leaders. We provide teens and children the volunteer opportunities, educational and cultural trips, as well as, a safe haven where they can eat and learn.

Our last stage of the program is reaching out to adults in need through volunteering at rescue missions and vice versa. At risk inner-city adolescents that don’t have aid are at risk of dying young due to violence or drugs, going to jail, or becoming homeless. Our last stage focuses on guiding disadvantaged adults and provides them with food, as well as, professional and educational resources. The children and teens participate in rescue mission trips develop a sense of compassion and a stark reminder of what can happen if they do not apply themselves.