Our “Four Way” Approach



We try to reach children early on and tutor them so that they can operate within the confines of the inner city without being easily persuaded by negative influences. We reward and acknowledge their achievement, give them extracurricular activities to stay engaged, and try to instill responsibility and accountability early on. During the first stage, we also patiently guide them as they work on areas of their life they struggle with both personally and academically.


If we don’t reach them as children, teens will most likely be with us during our second and/or third stages of the program. When teens work with us, they attend one of these programs: Youth for Hope, Life Skills Mentoring, and/or Gang Intervention. We want to ensure that they develop into sustained adults who are active civic leaders and get them involved in either post-secondary education and/or college.


Our third stage of the program is reaching out to young adults in need through volunteering at rescue missions and more. We provide food, essential items, and programming that helps them gain new skills that they can use in the workforce.


Our fourth and final stage focuses on guiding disadvantaged adults; we provide them with food, as well as, professional and educational resources. The children and teens participate in rescue mission trips to develop a sense of compassion and empathy. It’s also a stark reminder of how violence, crime & addiction can be.